03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hiltons Open Their Home To Sick Kids

Paris, Nikki and Kathy Hilton welcomed children from the Starlight Children's Foundation into their Bel-Air estate this weekend for a day of Duck Duck Goose, Simon Says and bubble blowing, Look to The Stars reports.

The Starlight Foundation provides ongoing support for children suffering from serious illnesses and and their families. The organization prides itself on restoring a family's spirits while researchers look for cures and doctors work to restore a child's health.

In true Paris Hilton fashion, the good deed couldn't go without excessive self-promotion -- this time it was a plug for Forever 21, the teen clothing store that organized the event. The Hilton ladies have designed a trio of saccharine tees with messages like "I love Animals" and "Bee Positive" (that's with a picture of a bee of course) that the store plans to feature.

Also in attendance were famed eyebrow shaper to the stars, Anastasia Soare and Chase Krouse of Chris McMillan Salon, who were apparently giving makeovers. Here's to hoping those kids didn't come for a party and leave with highlights and an eyebrow wax.

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