03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Amali, 5-Year-Old Giraffe, Arrives At Tulsa Zoo With Crooked Neck (VIDEO)

Amali, the five-year-old giraffe, has the world's biggest crick in her neck. The giraffe's neck somehow got bent way out of shape while en route to her new home, the Tulsa Zoo, the Associated Press reported.

How exactly does a giraffe's neck get so crooked? Apparently, it's a mystery.

"We know it somehow happened in transport, we don't know what happened," Dr. Kay Backues, zoo veterinarian, said. "The transport driver reported no incidents that would indicate how the animal injured itself, so no, we don't know."

While only an X-ray will show whether her neck is broken. Amali does not show any signs of pain, given that she is functioning normally, eating, drinking, and interacting with the other animals, Backues said. Possibly only her vanity has been wounded, as the zoo isn't giving Amali her public debut until she looks normal again.