03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gordon Brown Confirms 500 Extra British Troops For Afghanistan

The Prime Minister announced today that Britain's total military effort in Afghanistan will increase to more than 10,000 troops.

In a detailed Commons statement, Mr Brown confirmed that all the conditions had been met to allow an extra 500 troops to be deployed in December - taking the force level to 9,500.

But he also disclosed that when special forces were included, the "total military effort" in Afghanistan will be in excess of 10,000 troops.

The statement comes just a day before US President Barack Obama, after months of deliberation, is expected to announce that he will send up to 35,000 more US Forces.

Mr Brown said the three conditions for increasing British military manpower - that they would be properly equipped, that coalition partners would also put in extra troops and that the Afghan Government would boost its own security effort - had now been met.

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