03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Digital Cloud To Screen Data, Pictures In London Sky (PHOTOS)

Architects and engineers, working in collaboration with Google and MIT's Senseable City Laboratory, have unveiled plans to build a massive "digital cloud" over London for the 2012 Olympics.

The "Cloud", which is to be a structure comprised of inflatable spheres supported over the city by two towers, strives to be an "entirely new form of observation deck,connecting visitors to both the whole of London and the whole of the world, immersing them in euphoric gusts of weather and digital data," the creators explain on the website,

The spherical components of the Cloud are intended serve as display systems with screen surfaces (or an "animated skin") posting real-time information for the viewers below.

CNET explains:

The gossamer structure is meant to be a physical manifestation of the digital cloud. And it would, in fact, be a digital cloud that collects and broadcasts real-time data related to ongoing Olympic events, worldwide news and weather info, and practical city info for visitors. Money to build the Cloud will be raised via sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The "bubbles", which will be equipped with LEDs, will be mounted on central columns that could be ascended by visitors.

See photos of the Cloud's design below.


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