03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Twitter In Klingon: Site Turns Tweets Into Star Trek-Talk

Die-hard Star Trek fans can celebrate thanks to a new service that puts more geek in Tweets by allowing users to instantly translate Twitter posts into Klingon, the made-up language of an alien race from the Star Trek series.

TweetInKlingon, developed by Cryptic Studios in collaboration with Friend2Friend, will translate English into Klingon, then automatically add a hashtag the Trekkie Tweets that directs users to a URL where the Twitter posts can be converted back into English.

Here's a screenshot from the site:

Mashable explains that the Klingon Tweets are part of a marketing campaign for the Star Trek Online multi-player online game coming out in February.

This is a very cool social media marketing campaign because it manages to capture the essence of the Star Trek brand and it also offers up a viral and instantly shareable way for people to promote Star Trek Online, without ever mentioning STO.

Try the service for yourself here!

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