Zoe Pound Gang: Learn More About Haitian Group Featured On History Channel

The Zoe Pound Gang, a Miami hip hop gang with links to Haiti, is gaining plenty of attention today due to a special documentary on the group that aired on the History Channel.

The documentary, part of an extended series called Gangland, has now aired multiple times.

The Zoe Pound Gang has appeared in the news several times the last 15 years, though it was not well known outside of Miami until the History Channel special. In April 1997, the group looted ships docked along the Miami River and tortured their crew members. More recently, in June 2009, six Zoe Pound members were arrested.

The group is introduced in the documentary as "one of Miami's most feared gangs." It is said that their tendency to use violence is merciless and "their cruelty has no limits." "Haitian to the bone" and claiming to be a movement for Haitian pride, it is noted that they're based in Little Haiti, site of much of Miami's violence since the 1980s.

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