03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Buy A Custom Robot That Looks Just Like You (PHOTO)

*See photo below*

If you're wondering what to put on your wishlist for the holidays, here's a gift idea you might not have considered: your robot twin -- a robotic double that looks, and talks, just like you.

Japanese department store Sogo & Seibu has announced that they are selling two, customizable robots that can be tweaked to look exactly like you (or the person of the buyer's choosing).

The robots, created by known robotics company (and subsidiary of the Sanrio Group) Kokoro Company, are made out of silicone and will have a customizable face that you can have modeled after yours.

To add to the doppelganger effect, you can record your voice into the machine so that the humanoid bot will "speak" in your voice.

The robots will only be able to move their upper bodies, meaning they won't be able to run errands in your stead, but they might do a decent job sitting-in for you in your cubicle while you take an extended lunch break.

The department store has only two of the robots available, which are being sold for $225,000 each.

See a photo of the Android robot below, then tell us what you think!

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