03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Joy Behar Hosts Fred Armisen, SNL 'Doppelganger' (VIDEO)

Joy Behar comes face-to-face with her SNL "doppelganger" Fred Armisen on her HLN show Wednesday night.

In a preview clip, Behar tells Armisen that he plays her to a tee.

"At first I thought, he's making fun of me, and then I thought, 'So what? Who cares?'" Behar said, making light of Armisen's impression of her.

"I never noticed that I did all this," she'd say later, fussing with her shirt. "I'm like, so twitchy. So what, who cares! You've got me down."

"You're nice to say that," Armisen responded.

Armisen told Behar that "the Joy from this show is a little different from Joy on 'The View,' telling her that she's calmer and quieter on HLN than with the ladies of "The View."

Behar added that she finds Kristen Wiig's impression of Elisabeth Hasselbeck "hilarious."

The interview airs Wednesday night at 9PM ET/PT on HLN.


Watch Armisen's impression: