03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Asks If Stanley Tucci's Recently Deceased Wife Saw His Movie (VIDEO)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck made an awkward mistake Thursday on "The View," asking Stanley Tucci if his recently deceased wife had seen his film, The Lovely Bones.

In fairness, Tucci did bring up his wife first, telling the ladies that she had read the book and didn't want him to do the film.

"My wife had read the book and the first thing she said was, 'You can't do that,'" Tucci said. "And she might have been right, I don't know."

"Has she seen it?" Hasselbeck asked. "Has she seen any parts of it?"

Tucci did not seem flustered by the question, but responded with quick, "No, no, no."

Tucci's wife Kate died in the spring after battling cancer.

Hasselbeck tweeted that she apologized to Tucci shortly after the show:

it was an honest mistake with stanley tucci today & i called him to apologize. he forgave me (such grace)- if only i could forgive myself...