03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tiger Woods Naked Photos: Jamie Jungers Took Nude Pictures, Three Family Members Say reports that three family members of alleged Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Jungers (PHOTOS) have confirmed that the former model (and possible ex-stripper) told them she took naked pictures of the golfer.

Yesterday, in an interview with John and Ken on KFI FM, Jungers angrily denied that she is being paid by Woods to keep the photos a secret. "You know what, I haven't made a penny from all of this s**t and the only reason I'm involved in any of this is because of an ex fiance." Scroll down to listen to the interview for the full exchange, including her admission that she was in shock after first having sex with Woods.

Previously, Jungers' aunt said her niece bragged about taking pictures of Woods while he was "passed out drunk." Playgirl was said to be considering publishing naked photos of Woods, but the magazine ultimately declined because the pictures "were impossible to 100% verify."

In England, Woods' lawyers have circulated a court order barring the publication of naked pictures, although the letter is careful to state that the order is not "an admission that any such photographs exist." A phone sex tape is also rumored to exist.


Women linked to Tiger Woods:

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