03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Elderly LA Shopkeeper Murdered In Botched Robbery (VIDEO)

Fereidoun Kohanim, a 72 year old shopkeeper in the Pico-Union neighborhood near Downtown Los Angeles, was brutally murdered in his store by 3 suspected gang members Monday.

The LA Times reports:

In a matter of seconds, as a surveillance video shows, the suspects encircled Kohanim and his wife, who was constantly by his side as he rang up customers from behind the register. When one suspect in a black hooded sweat shirt pointed a chrome-plated revolver at Kohanim from across the counter, the shopkeeper attempted to strike it from his hand. His wife ran to hide.

Another suspect apparently tried to stab Kohanim from behind, Los Angeles police detectives said. When he turned around to defend himself, the gunman shot Kohanim in the back of the head.

Kohanim Died late Tuesday afternoon, the suspects remain at large.

A fund for the family,, has been created.