03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

AT&T Drops Tiger Woods Sponsorship

The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T is ending its sponsorship of Tiger Woods. According to the article, "AT&T's logo appeared on Mr. Woods' golf bag, and has been the title sponsor of a PGA event in July with Mr. Woods as the host."

AT&T is not alone in reevaluating its relationship with Woods. Accenture is another company to drop Woods as a sponsor in light of his long list of alleged mistresses. Meanwhile, one study estimated that Woods has caused $12 billion worth of damage. Among other companies that have apparently shied away from Woods are Gatorade, which discontinued its Tiger Focus drink (although it claims the decision had been made prior to the golfer's scandal) and Gillette, which said it will limit Woods' role in the company's marketing. Tag Heuer, on the other hand, has prominently backed Woods, featuring a graphic on its web site saying the company "stands with" the golfer.

Women linked to Tiger Woods:

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