03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Pioneering LA Nonprofit Is Saving Lives In Afghanistan

Reporting from Jalalabad, Afghanistan - Peering through a gap in her black veil, Bibi Totia watched anxiously as the doctor examined her fussing grandson in a crowded refugee camp near the Pakistan border.

The doctor diagnosed flu and handed her a prescription for an antibiotic from the free pharmacy.

"God bless you," she said, clutching the precious piece of paper to her chest.

For nearly a quarter of a century, Totia has relied on the doctors of the International Medical Corps to care for her family, first as a refugee in Pakistan and now as a refugee in her own country, Afghanistan.

Although less well known than the Nobel-winning Doctors Without Borders, the Los Angeles-based nonprofit shares a reputation with its gutsy counterpart for working in places where no one else will go.