03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jennifer Aniston, 20, Coy With Howard Stern In Replayed 1989 Clip

In 1989 -- long before Friends, Brad Pitt and all the rest -- Jennifer Aniston was an unknown actress who'd just entered her 20s. To raise her profile, the Hollywood hopeful made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show as a "NutriSystem success story." (She had recently lost 15 pounds on the diet plan, which was a sponsor of Stern's radio show.) Howard Stern and his crew replayed clips of that vintage appearance -- one of the earliest featuring the future star -- on The History of Howard Stern: Act III, a Sirius XM radio documentary series that looks back on Stern's life and career on radio.

During her appearance, Aniston shyly talks about her skimpy acting resume. "I did a show [For Dear Life] at the Public Theater [in Manhattan]...I've only been in it [acting] a year professionally," she says after Stern teases her. ("You need help with your career, honey!")

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