03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

CU-Boulder Ranked Fifth on Princeton Review's Best Value Colleges List

The University of Colorado at Boulder has made the top of one of the Princeton Review's lists, and it's not a list of party or "reefer friendly" schools.

CU-Boulder was ranked fifth on the Princeton Review's Best Value College List for public colleges or universities.

The rankings are based on academic programs, financial aid packages, the cost of attendance and post-college job opportunities. The list was compiled after surveying administrators and students at more than 650 public and private colleges and universities.

CU was beat out by the University of Virginia, City University of New York-Hunter College, New College of Florida and Florida State University.

In a press release announcing the findings the Princeton Review's Senior Vice President/Publisher said:

We know many families and students have serious concerns about paying for college in these tough economic times. Among the nearly 16,000 respondents to our 2009 'College Hopes and Worries Survey,' of college applicants and parents, 85% said financial aid would be 'very necessary' for them this year. However there are many first-rate institutions offering outstanding academics at a relatively low cost of attendance and/or generous financial aid, including some that may surprise applicants.

The Daily Camera reports:

Campus spokesman Bronson Hilliard said that the school is happier to acknowledge the company's rankings when it concerns "matters of substance" that are relevant to parents and students.

"When they choose to delve themselves into superficial, empty Internet fodder types of subjects, we tend not to take them seriously," Hilliard said.

The university is delighted to be acknowledged, but worries about how much longer it can provide a good value because of the state funding crisis, Hilliard said.