03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rihanna's Fauxhawk: Coiffeuse Did It With Her Eyes Closed

W Magazine tracked down the woman behind singer Rihanna's cropped mane: Ursula Stephen, a celebrity hairstylist responsible for the coifs of Mary J. Blige, Michelle Williams and Paula Patton. But Stephen is perhaps best-known for RiRi's daring 'dos, from Rihanna's bob-of-the-then-moment nearly three years ago to her half-shaved, sorta-fauxhawky haircut these days. So...what about that fauxhawk?

That was definitely inspired by the reference pictures the work of artist Patrick Nagel. And everyone knows she always wears her hair up and crazy like that. I basically did it with my eyes closed and it came out really cute. I always try to leave a little length on top of her hair because that's where you get the versatility from.

Stephen also remarked that she sees a lot of copies around town:

I see people all the time--some girls will be walking around all confident and they look all crazy, and then sometimes they look really good and I'm even more inspired by how they get it done.

So are we!

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