03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Letterman Slams NBC Executives: 'Pinheads,' 'Nitwits' And 'Twits' (VIDEO)

David Letterman continued to slam NBC executives Wednesday night, calling them "pinheads," "nitwits," and "twits."

"I'm fascinated by the situation over at NBC," Letterman said, describing "the bungling machinations of the idiots at the NBC executive level."

Letterman said that when he worked at NBC, the network was run by "pinheads," "nitwits," "twits," "knuckle-draggers," and "mouth-breathers" — so much so that he had to disinvite one from his anniversary party.

"When you're this dumb, there's a price that comes with that," Letterman said. "You can't be walking around stupid and expect to be invited to parties."

Letterman also said that he "likes the kid" Jimmy Fallon, and shared his big dream for TV in 2010:

"I just want everybody who wants a show to have a show," he said. "It's 2010. If we can't get these kids shows, then the terrorists have won!"