03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tavi, 13-Year-Old Style Blogger: Fashion World Is Like Middle School

It seems like after skipping school for fashion week, after traveling to Tokyo to be honored by Comme des Garcons, after penning a Harper's Bazaar column and after filming a short documentary on Rodarte for Target's seems like the fashion world might be ready to take thirteen-year-old style blogger Tavi seriously. But Tavi told the Chicago Tribune that she still has critics despite her myriad accomplishments:

"It's really annoying. People complain that my generation is stupid, but when I show that I have a brain, they call me a fake."

She likened the behind-back-bashing of the fashion world to the gossip going around the halls at middle school. But, even as style's newest voice, Tavi remains levelheaded, joking about her "extraordinary" (read: nonexistent) fame in her suburban-Chicago hometown and confessing that her parents didn't even know about her Style Rookie blog until the New York Times asked her for an interview.

For right now, she appears to be enjoying her coincidental fashion-commenter status, but she hinted she might eventually shy away from the spotlight.

"Don't be surprised if one day I go all J.D. Salinger on everyone," she said.

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