DCCC Recruiting 'Fact Check Fox' Team To Counter State Of The Union Spin

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a new campaign to respond to the spin from conservative news outlets expected to follow President Obama's State of the Union address.

In a new mailer sent out Wednesday to the committee's four-million member e-mail list, supporters are invited to join the new "State of the Union 'Fact Check FOX' Team."

"This group of Democratic Party activists will stand at the ready to counter the lies and distortions that erupt from the rightwing media and Republican spin doctors like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck following President Obama's State of the Union address on Wednesday night," the e-mail pitch says.

The DCCC is inviting members to send text messages, e-mails or use Facebook or Twitter to fact check the pundits weighing in after the speech.

Supporters who sign up for the program will also receive "rapid response fact check text alerts." The DCCC is aiming to recruit 5,000 new members to the fact-check team by midnight.

In addition to conservative heavyweights like Beck and Palin, former Bush adviser Karl Rove, Democratic strategist Joe Trippi and Fox News's Sean Hannity will contribute to the Fox News analysis after the president's address.