03/30/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mark Halperin Now Just Telling People He's 'Dumb'

Apparently, last night's State of the Union address just didn't CHANGE enough GAME for poor, old Time magazine Photoshop blogger Mark Halperin, who went on various pundit shows to say that Obama's speech had just been some sort of straight-up bafflement. TPM's Josh Marshall asks, "What happened to this guy?" And so he's sending around this clip of Halperin, calling himself dumb and threatening America with more of his terrible, terrible listicles.

But what's to get? Halperin is just sad. The guy has a best-selling book, a plumb perch at Time magazine, and he's convinced HBO to make a movie of "Game Change" because, you know, maybe the original material was just way too subtle. You'd think a guy in his position has the luxury to be selective and not sell himself on the cheap. Instead, he's still schlepping from pundit show to pundit show, to make the same set of vapid pronouncements. It's all part of the sad day-to-day duties of a guy who's built a boom economy by credit/default swapping his own intellectual poverty. Far from working his ass off to prove that he's not dumb, he's embraced it as a selling point and is now preemptively pointing it out, on the teevee.

Mark Halperin is basically "the girlfriend experience" of modern political punditry.

Reporting live from the Huffington Post "Game Change" War Room, this is Jason Linkins.

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