Heroes Of Haiti: CNN Tells Stories From The Rubble

CNN Heroes: Saving Haiti will air tonight on CNN at 11 p.m. ET. Hosted by Anderson Cooper, the show will feature several CNN Heroes to tell stories of sacrifice and courage from Haiti.

The show will detail several acts of bravery and selflessness from post-earthquake Haiti. A brief trailer depicts several victims being pulled from rubble, rescue attempts by both Haitians and foreign aid workers, and the emotion that can grip these efforts. Not all of the stories have happy endings. Cooper tells of a young girl who was freed from the rubble, but died as there was no doctor to see her.

The show also features stories of past CNN Heroes who are helping Haiti relief efforts. Notably, 2009 finalist Doc Hendley has brought his Wine To Water program to the affected island, to provide a sustainable water purification system to areas that currently lack clean water.

WATCH: also has a great list of stories of heroism from Haiti.