04/04/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Male Breast Reduction Surgery More Popular Than Ever

Male breast reduction surgery has seen a rise in its popularity both overseas and in the U.S. The BBC reports that in in 2008, 323 men had the operation, while last year 581 opted for the surgery, which is an 80 percent increase.

Dr. Robert Cattani of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery told the New York Daily News that he's noticed a surge in the number of surgery patients.

"In the last five years, I personally have done 200 to 300 male breast reductions per year," he said. There were 18,000 male breast reductions in 2008 and it's the fourth most popular surgical procedure for men, behind nose "reshaping," eyelid surgery and liposuction.

British surgeons speculate that men's magazines have inspired at least some individuals to do the procedure. Gynecomastia, or larger male breasts, can be caused by obesity, by certain prescription meds, by illegal drugs like heroin and methadone, and sometimes by breast and testicular cancers.