04/06/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Colorado Maternity Bill Diluted By Lobbyists

DENVER- Two Denver Democrats reluctantly diluted the bill they co-sponsored aimed at expanding maternity coverage in Colorado. The move took attendees at the House hearing for the bill Wednesday by surprise. Health insurance lobbyists shuffled their papers and gazed at one another as Reps. Jerry Frangas and Beth McCann explained that they would amend the bill to make it more friendly to the insurance industry in order to make sure it passed through committee and onto the floor of the House.

" We need to take a step," McCann told the Colorado Independent. "We can discuss further steps, but we need to get this going so that women and families can at least have an option. We felt that after speaking to members of the committee and representatives of the insurance industry that we would be able to get the ball rolling if we didn't mandate [coverage] for every policy,"

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