04/07/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Andrew Young: John Edwards Still Seeing Rielle Hunter

Though most of the country now considers John Edwards persona non grata, the former North Carolina Senator may still have one devotee -- his mistress Rielle Hunter.

In an interview on Fox News on Wednesday, former Edwards aide and author Andrew Young talked about his understanding of the relationship between his ex-boss and Hunter.

During the conversation, Sean Hannity asked Young "When did [Edwards] stop seeing Hunter...or has he?"

"I don't think he has," Young responded.

Young's new book, "The Politician," set to hit the shelves this month, gives a full insider's account of the one-time presidential hopeful's long time affair with his campaign videographer.

In an "Inside Edition" segment set to air tonight, Hunter's sister, Roxanne Marshall speaks about Rielle's relationship with Edwards.

"She still believes they will be together," her sister says.

Hunter is still in love with Edwards, she says, and has declined to speak about the father of her 2-year old daughter, Quinn, because she believes they will still be together.

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UPDATE: In related news, Inside Edition reports that John Edwards and Rielle Hunter "have agreed to share joint custody of Quinn," citing Hunter's sister Roxanne Marshall.

INSIDE EDITION: Does your sister still love John Edwards?

MARSHALL: “Oh yes, she still loves him and she’s sure they’ll be together one day.”

INSIDE EDITION: “You really believe that?”

MARSHALL: “Oh yes, I do.”

Marshall says that Rielle will never speak publicly about the affair as long as she believes that she and John will someday be a couple. She also says Marshall says her sister is now relieved that her daughter’s paternity has been validated by John Edwards in his statement released last week.

MARSHALL: “She is very happy. What mother wouldn’t be, especially after his denying it. “

INSIDE EDITION: What kind of mother do you think Rielle is?

MARSHALL: “I think my sister is a wonderful mother. Now she is busy enjoying Quinn…going to the park and to Mommy and Me like classes."