04/07/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tavi: Karl Lagerfeld Was Nice, His Eyes Weren't Lasers

Tavi, the thirteen year old style blogger, has been a busy lately, attending Paris's Haute Couture shows (and forcing reporters to watch them through her hat), but she found some time to talk to The Fashion Informer about her favorite fashion or fashion week memory thus far:

Probably meeting Rei Kawakubo, or meeting Karl Lagerfeld and him saying some very nice things and also I could SEE HIS EYES (there were no lasers), or interviewing John Galliano, or meeting Stephen Jones and him giving me a hat and saying its knocking-people-in-the-face abilities were like old Dior dresses that would knock everyone's ashtrays over when the girls in them would spin. Oh my God, that was the most name-droppy sentence ever. I feel d-baggy but it answers the question. And being in North Dakota with the Mulleavy sisters was pretty fun but it didn't feel really fashion-y because we were in such a relaxed setting and everything.

She also reminisced about her gradual love affair with fashion:

[The Comme des Garcons fall 2009] collection made me cry, and I was just seeing it online. I finally understood how emotion could come from design. It's not like I cried in a SO BEAUTIFUL! way (though it was beautiful), it was just because there was something about my interpretation of the collection that seemed to be, for some reason, very personal for me.

And she mused about her idea of a perfect day:

A perfect daily day would be a Saturday. Watching a movie in bed in the morning, then making collages and a zine, then rehearsal for a play, then record shopping with a friend, then watching more movies, I guess. That is one I would like to happen a lot, like Groundhog Day. A perfect day that happens once would probably be a big get-together with my heroes and idols and favorite people, if I didn't faint.

We hope we're invited!