04/12/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

George Stephanpoulos Birthday Present: Ali Wentworth Striptease On 'GMA' (VIDEO)

George Stephanopoulos got a surprise birthday present Wednesday morning on "GMA."

The "Good Morning America" host, who turns 49 Wednesday, was greeted by his wife, Ali Wentworth, dressed as Diane Sawyer, on the show. But Wentworth soon ripped off her wig and jacket to unveil a leopard print shirt, crawled upon the news desk and gyrated for her husband.

"George, I never ever ever get to see you at home," she said. "I love you, I shaved my legs and made you a steak. Happy birthday baby!"

"That is the product of too many snow days at home with the kids," he said while laughing.

Wentworth later said, "They made me keep my clothes on."


Wentworth also gave her husband a more traditional birthday surprise, rolling out a coffee ice cream cake with candles: