04/13/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Marc Jacobs' Husband Confirms Marriage, Talks Penis Size

Remember that time when we said Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone got married in St. Barts? And a rep explained that it was just a party, coincidentally with a wedding cake, but that the pair was definitely still engaged? Well, in an upcoming interview with "Butt" magazine, Martone reveals that the two are, in fact, married!


Martone also commented on his husband's skirts, saying "He knows I don't love it. I mean I loved it for a couple of months. I thought, 'Okay, it was a cute joke. Get over it.'" And he talked a little bit about the size of his package, telling the interviewer, "I can't complain. My boyfriend can't complain."