04/13/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Urban Out Sitters: Pets And Customers Mingle Over Wine And Roses (PHOTOS)

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Joseph Giannini, the owner of Chicago doggie day-care company Urban Out Sitters, kept hearing his customers complain.

It wasn't about the business; no, dog owners told him again and again that they couldn't seem to find a pooch-friendly date.

So Giannini, figuring it was the right time of year, organized a Singles Party for Pets. There would be an 8 Minute Dating event, where customers and dog lovers could bring their canine companions and look for a human one. There would even be wine and roses.

But while 30 people signed up for the event online, the snow and the jitters drove attendance down to just a handful, six women and only one man.

Undeterred, Giannini improvised, turning the event into a "Customer Appreciation / Have A Glass Of Wine When You Pick Up Your Dog Day." The festive atmosphere caught some customers off guard, but treats and a good time were had by all: singles, dogs, and--this time at least--the married folks as well.

All photos by Chicago photographer Dean Paul.

Singles Mingle, With Dogs, At Urban Out Sitter
Singles Mingle, With Dogs, At Urban Out Sitter