Chilean Mint Boss Fired For Misspelling Country's Name On Coins

Gregorio Iniguez, the general manager of the Chilean mint, has been fired after misspelling 'Chile' on thousands of coins.

The 50 peso coins, worth around 10 cents, bear the word 'CHIIE' rather than 'CHILE'. They were printed in 2008 but apparently no one noticed until late 2009. A picture of the faulty coin can be seen HERE.

Other workers at the mint have also been fired.

There are currently no plans to take the coins out of circulations, and, according to the BBC, people have begun hoarding the faulty coins, hoping they will become collector's items.

The mint, which has seen a number of blunders in the past, was criticized in the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio as a "Dickensian factory."