04/17/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gordon Brown: I Helped Nicolas Sarkozy Win Carla Bruni

Gordon Brown, described by his wife Sarah as "surprisingly-romantic," continues to surprise us. He told the Telegraph UK that he knew about French President Nicolas Sarkozy's relationship with Carla Bruni from the start and put in a good word for Sarko.

"Sarkozy used to come to meetings of the European Council, and I maybe shouldn't say all this, but maybe six times during the meetings the phone would ring or he would ring, and he was talking to her all the time, and he'd get bored with the meetings and pass the phone to me so I'd talk to Carla. I was talking to her about Sarkozy, about what a nice guy he was, trying to help him," Brown said.

Seems like his endorsement worked! Bruni and Sarkozy just celebrated their second wedding anniversary.