04/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kelly Cutrone: Fashion Is Not To Be Taken So Seriously

Kelly Cutrone of PR firm People's Revolution and, of course, Bravo's "Kell on Earth" tells it like it is 24/7--including during fashion week. In an interview with ABC News, Cutrone said, "When we go in to go to work [on a fashion show], there's a full bar, free food--it's like the seven deadly sins."

But she still manages to stage runway show after runway show in a much-debated field.

"There are a bunch of different ways to look at the fashion industy. Is it shallow to work in fashion? Yes, it can be. But does fashion transform a woman who might feel like nothing and unimportant to glamorous and gorgeous? Yes, it does. Does it employ a huge sector of America? Yes, it does."

But she manages not too take things too seriously:

"We see women who go out and want to look like Jennifer Aniston and they're wearing an ill-fitting red dress and ugly gold shoes and they've got flat hair and they can't walk," she said. "People should just express themselves and not worry about trends--try to use fashion like a compass, an indicator, examples of things that you can be. It's not to be taken so seriously. It's just clothes."