04/19/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wired's iPad Edition: 'This Is What We've Been Waiting For For 15 Years' (VIDEO)

Wired has been working on a digital version for an Apple tablet since before the iPad was announced. Last week, editor Chris Anderson showed off his magazine's iPad capabilities at TED, and Wired has now uploaded a video demonstration to its website.

"This is what we've been waiting for for 15 years," Anderson said of the iPad. "We've been waiting for an opportunity to use all these visual tools at our disposal to tell these stories in a way that's efficient, that is multi-dimensional."

Wired's iPad edition, designed in conjunction with Adobe, includes everything from text and images to short films, 360-degree product displays, and fully-integrated social features.


"Newer technologies like Adobe Air are now powering a new wave of interactive capability to display rich text, imagery, animation, interactivty, all within a single platform that can reach a variety of devices," said Jeremy Clark of Adobe Experience Design.

"We're at a point where technology is going to enable us to view and consume media in an entirely different way, whether it's in paper, mobile devices, iPhones, or the iPad," said Wired creative director Scott Dadich. "There's stilll going to be the rich storyteling, there's still going to be narrative arc, but we'll be able to do it in short film, and 360s, and the ability to turn a product around and look at all sides of it."

"We also think it's an opportunity to reset the economics," Anderson added. "For the first time, people may value this experience so much that they'll pay for it."

It's "a whole new world for magazines," Dadich said.