04/20/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor Candidate Would Eliminate His Own Office

It's been a crazy season for Lieutenant Governors.

In Illinois, just days after winning the Democratic primary for the office, Scott Lee Cohen was forced to drop out in a deluge of allegations including forcing sex from his wife, 'roid rage and abusing his ex-girlfriend, who was a convicted prostitute. No replacement has yet been found.

The Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor is Jason Plummer, a baby-faced 27-year-old whose widely touted experience has turned out to be mostly internships and imagination. This impressive slate of candidates has started a movement to eliminate the office entirely.

Over in Rhode Island, a state that mirrors the Land of Lincoln in its affinity for corrupt mob-connected politicians, a similar movement is afoot. Only difference: it's being led by Bob Healey, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

If elected, Healey promises not to take a salary, and to eliminate the office's seven-member staff, saving the state roughly $1 million per year.

"The only Constitutional function of that office in Rhode Island is to wait for the death or incapacity of the Governor," the hirsute Healey said on Fox News. (Watch the video below.) "I think I can do that for free, and without a staff."

Healey is running on the Cool Moose Party ticket, a party he founded in the 1980s "with the goal of putting ordinary people into the political process," according to the Rhode Island Historical Society.

His website explains his positions, and has some hilarious campaign materials centered on the candidate's unique appearance. Take a look:

Watch Healey talking to Cavuto on Fox News:

Hat tip to Chicagoist for the find.