04/21/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Impeach Obama' Activist Explains Campaign As One Based Largely On 'Policy Differences'

Caleb Heimlich, advocate for the "Impeach Obama" campaign explained the anti-Obama as one based on policy differences.

"Basically the gist of our case is that Gerald Ford said 'an impeachable offense is anything that Congress says it is.' And so our argument is that...Obama is not living up to the Constitution and therefore if you can prove that, he can be impeached," Heimlich told Think Progress.

Auto bailouts, health care reform and the stimulus are all examples of how President Obama has acted outside the Constitution, Heimlich said, and are therefore appropriate grounds for impeachment.

When Think Progress asked Heimlich if this really amounted to a call for impeachment based on "policy differences that you have with the President and the Democrats in Congress," Heimlich responded: "Partially. It's based on the policy differences with regards to the Constitution. We believe that if something is not constitutional, the Constituion is there for a reason. We believe that if you're not following the Constitution then you're not fulling your oath of office and you shouldn't be there."

Heimlich also acknowledged the challenging nature of the movement he is helping to lead.

"We're not under any false pretenses," he said. "Obviously a Democratic Congress as it is currently held is not going to impeach the President. So our goal, through the petition and impeachment process, is to ... get new people elected to Congress who would repeal what had been done and then move forward with the impeachment process."

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated Heimlich's position at the Impeach Obama campaign.

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