04/21/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Stranger Saves Man's Life Through Internet Organ Donation

Charles Hoffman of Stoughton, Mass. spend four years of his life on dialysis and was slated for seven more while he waited for a new kidney to save his life, reports.

"If you can imagine yourself being in prison for four years, that's what it's like," said Hoffman, 68. "It consumes your life."

But a Web site that bypasses government waiting lists to match willing donors to patients helped Stoughton break free, and ultimately saved his life. helps willing strangers give live organs to those who need them. Hoffman's kidney transplant was the site's 114th transplant surgery since it launched in 2004.

Hoffman calls his miracle for matching him with Ryan and he looks forward moving past the debilitating kidney disease that stopped him from enjoying life for years. "I've got my life back again. I can eat food again. I can go back to work. I have a life and I have two grandchildren that I am going to get to see grow up," said Hoffman. "All I can tell you is that life is good now."

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