04/25/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

DCCC Launches 'Palin's Primaries' Site Inviting Palin To Get Involved GOP Primaries

The latest Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee 2010 campaign tactic? A familiar one: use Democratic disapproval of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin against the Republicans.

The DCCC launched their 'Palin's Primaries' website on Tuesday, which "will track the most divisive and messy House Republican primaries in the country." All of this is presented in the context of campaigns that Palin could get involved in. The DCCC hopes that her involvement would trigger self-destructive results, as in last November's New York Congressional election, in which Democrat Bill Owens defeated Palin-backed Republican Doug Hoffman after his more moderate opponent, Dede Scozzafava, was forced out for not being conservative enough.

"Undeterred by the embarrassing loss she helped bring to House Republicans in last fall's special election in Upstate New York, Sarah Palin announced she wants to get involved in more Republican primary races this year so we're more than happy to help her out," Jon Vogel, Executive Director of the DCCC said in a release.

"Contested primaries aren't civil war; they're democracy at work and that's beautiful," Palin said at the National Tea Party Convention in early February.

The DCCC, however, begs to differ, claiming that the kind of contested primaries that Palin supports could end up being highly divisive, damaging to the GOP and great for Democrats.

The website currently features analysis of eight primary races, each labeled mockingly in black writing on hands that may or not resemble Sarah Palin's.