04/25/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Typeface Creates A Custom Font Based On Your Face Type (VIDEO)

Everybody's handwriting is unique, and, to some extent, the way we write reflects who we are--rushed, tidy, proper, or even sloppy. These days, we type more than we write, so why shouldn't our fonts reflect the peculiarities of our personalities as well?

Mary Huang has developed an ingenious potential solution with Typeface, a 'typographic photobooth' that creates a customized font based on your face (see video below).

She explains on her blog:

The design of typefaces is founded upon principles from the days of metal type, when creating individual fonts was a laborious process and constrained by physical requirements. Most digital type design follows those same conventions, but technology gives us opportunities to make type design more spontaneous and personal.

TYPEFACE is custom software that translates facial dimensions into generative type design.

As the videos below demonstrate, using facial recognition software, the font morphs depending on your facial expressions and face type. Although not yet available, the concept is intriguing. See Typeface in action below!


TYPEFACE 2 from Mary Huang on Vimeo.

TYPEFACE 2 from Mary Huang on Vimeo.