04/27/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Canadian Teachers' Sexy Pep Rally Dance Leads To Suspension (VIDEO)

Two teachers in Winnipeg, Canada have been sent home without pay after students filmed the pair dancing in a sexually suggestive manner at a pep rally.

The two teachers were filmed by hooting students at Churchill High School as they danced. At several points the male teacher puts his head between the legs of the female teacher. The student filmmaker named the movie "Two Teachers, One Chair," a reference to an extremely pornographic viral video.

The Toronto Star has some reactions from shocked pupils and parents:

"It looked like, dare I say it, sex on the dance floor," 17-year-old student Heather Mason told CBC Manitoba. "Stuff kids shouldn't be seeing. I was shocked. I don't expect anything like that from teachers."

"They so, so crossed the line," a parent told the Winnipeg Free Press. "It embarrassed me. While we were first watching it, I said, 'They crossed the line.' "

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