05/01/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jerry Brown: Governor Bid Announcement Coming Tuesday

California Attorney General and former two-term governor, Jerry Brown plans to announce Tuesday that he's running as a Democratic candidate for governor again, CNN reports.

Brown, who served two terms as California Governor from 1975-1983, would return to the gubernatorial race with least $12 million in campaign funds and the support of some major Hollywood moguls.

Brown told CNN last year that his first tenure as governor may have been marred by over-ambition on ideas such as "promoting alternative energy production, encouraging diversity in government hiring, and reigning in government spending," that were unorthodox at the time. Brown's ideas earned him the moniker "Governor Moonbeam."

According to a poll conducted in mid-January by the Public Policy Institute and the Field Poll, Brown already leads the top Republican candidates -- Meg Whitman by 5 to 10 points, and Steve Poizner by 15 to 17 points.