05/01/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rupert Murdoch's Wars: Against NYT, Google, And His Own Children

The News Corp. patriarch turns 79 years old on March 11. The younger generation--Prudence, 51; Elisabeth, 41; Lachlan, 38; James, 37--is no longer that young. Three of its members are accomplished businesspeople in their own right. And they, along with senior News Corp. executives, have been working toward the day when Rupert is no longer making the decisions. They are trying to shape and define his legacy, sometimes editing out parts, like Roger Ailes and Fox News, that offend their sensibilities, while trying to position the company for a future that looks very different from the present. But the problem with these efforts is that Rupert Murdoch is not going anywhere. If anything, he's been more active than ever, raging at his adversaries with the vigor of a man half his age. Over the last several months, he's been waging a very public war with Google, trying to bend the freewheeling web according to his own rules. He successfully fought Time Warner to get the cable giant to cough up millions to broadcast his Fox affiliates. And he's rebuilding The Wall Street Journal with an eye on destroying the New York Times, one of the most ancient of his enemies.

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