05/03/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Robert Pattinson On His Crazed Fans (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson visited the Daily Show Tuesday to promote his new movie, 'Remember Me.' As he walked onto the set he was greeted by lots of high-pitched screaming, and Jon Stewart said, "Ladies, there is plenty of JStew to go around!"

Robert said he'd had to keep his hotel a secret to avoid stalkers but since he was leaving New York that day he could reveal it. "It's the Mandarin," he said, after confusing it with the Mondrian in LA.

Stewart asked him how he navigates the throngs of fans when he goes out.

"You can just ignore it," Robert said. "It becomes part of your day."

"It's like background noise," said Stewart. "When am I going to hear that f***ing song?! That's what I want to know!"

"You have an audience at your command, though," Robert said graciously. "Every single day, that must be such an ego trip."