05/04/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

China Village Pioneers Biogas Project (VIDEO)

China may be mired in energy problems, but efforts on the local level could help reduce their rising CO2 emissions. The Fenghuang village in the Sichuan province, for one, has turned to biogas as their energy resource, Reuters reported.

Standards of living have improved in rural areas, meaning that people are using more electricity and power, Ma Zhong, a professor of environmental studies at Beijing's People's University, told Reuters' Roya Stephens. So while those in the big city rely on oil and coal, those in developing rural areas should move toward biogas.

It is a relatively new form of energy, but it could help China collectively cut down on its CO2 emissions and ease the region's smog problem, Reuters reported.

"We produce wheat, corn, and agricultural crops, and these are all natural resources," Li Yonggui, a biogas station worker told Stephens. "As long as we'll continue to produce these crops, they'll create new energy resources, and this is the biggest benefit."

WATCH Stephens' report: