05/09/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chad Ochocinco Slams Colin Cowherd On Twitter: 'Not My Fault Your Girl Is Cheating'

Chad Ochocinco publicly bashed ESPN Radio and ESPN2 TV host Colin Cowherd on Twitter today after the sportscaster insulted the Bengals receiver on air.

According to Out of Bounds, "Cowherd said something to the effect of '70% of NFL and NBA players are broke within 5 years of retirement,' and used Ochocinco's name as part of his point." Ochocinco did not take the mention lightly.

In a series of tweets, Ochocinco urged Cowherd to "just say I don't like this black guy!!" He proceeded to tell the host that "your girl is cheating on you" and suggested that Cowherd "try EXTENZE," the "male enhancement pill" most recently pitched by former coach Jimmy Johnson. Scroll down for the entire barrage:

Colin Coward with all the negative going on with athletes how do u find a way to lump me n yo show just say I don't like this black guy!!

I guess Colin won't be happy till I get a DUI, arrested, well hell maybe I should get accused of rape, maybe that'll make him STFU!!!!

@espn_colin its not my fault your girl is cheating on you, its your fault, try EXTENZE and stop worryin about me! Lmao-have a show bout that

@espn_colin you look like an extra from the movie LORD OF THE RINGS, get your lisp fixed before you do your next show !