05/13/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ochocinco Lashes Out At ESPN On Twitter AGAIN

Chad Ochocinco blasted an ESPN host on Tuesday, writing, "its not my fault your girl is cheating on you, its your fault." [sic]

It turns out that the Bengals receiver was not done. According to the Sporting News, Ochocinco's latest flurry of activity was prompted by a "SportsCenter" tease asking whether the Pro Bowlers two offseason TV shows are a "recipe for disaster." On Twitter, Ochocinco responded by warning that "which ever Espn analyst dogs me for my off~season projects at 6 o'clock its going to be WAR!!"

The naked jogger proceeded to write that "it's on" and cautioned that "I am digging up all ESPN analyst history!" Then he turned to specific ESPN personalities. He wrote about NFL reporter John Clayton, "how dare you, your face is wearing thin on TV, looking like that character from HANINBAL that had those pigs, STFU.

Ochocinco even referenced a sexual harassment allegation at ESPN, tweeting about one personality at the network in particular. "I heard about your radio show negativity, why don't you worry about your sexual harrassment cases when at work!" Scroll down to see the tweets.