Lindsey Graham On Obama Health Care 'Spin': Americans Are 'Tired Of This Crap'

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) -- energized and animated on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday -- announced that the American public was tiring of the "crap" and "spin" offered by the Obama administration in an effort to get health care passed.

The South Carolina Republican appeared shortly after White House senior adviser David Axelrod suggested Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) was being disingenuous for criticizing a health care bill that resembled the one he supported in Massachusetts.

"The interview I just heard is spin," Graham protested. "I thought the campaigning was over. Are you trying to tell me and the American people that Scott Brown, got elected campaigning against a Washington bill that really is just like the Massachusetts bill? The American people are getting tired of this crap. No way in the world is what they did in Massachusetts like what we are about to do in Washington. They didn't cut Medicare when they passed the bill in Massachusetts. They didn't raise $500 billion on the American people when they passed the bill in Massachusetts. To suggest that Scott Brown is basically campaigning against the bill in Washington that is like the one in Massachusetts is complete spin."

Graham went on towhack the White House on a host of other health-care-related fronts. He accused the president of "arrogance" in pushing legislation in a non-bipartisan fashion. And he called the idea of using reconciliation to get a bill passed a "sleazy process" that would "open up Pandora's box."

"If they do this it is going to poison the well for anything else they would like to achieve this year or years after," Graham warned.

On some issues, the South Carolinian is one of the few Republican allies the White House has in the Senate.

Watch video of Graham's appearance: