05/16/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mayor Daley On Twitter: 'Official' Twitter Account Launched For Not-So-Computer-Savvy Mayor

Mayor Daley, who reportedly "couldn't send e-mails if his life depended on it" now has an "official" Twitter page, though Chicagoans can safely bet that a public relations team will be doing the updating.

NPR's Kate Gardiner spread the word about the Daley Twitter page Tuesday, which caused the folks at Chicagoist to wonder what Daley would tweet:

"...the idea of him tweeting from a City Council meeting (a la Peraica) cracks us up: 'Wish this Dumke kid would stop bugging me. Maybe I'll egg his house LOL!!1!!1!'"

So far, however, it looks like the city's public relations team is using the page to promote events and the city's new website.

"For those of you asking, yes, this is Mayor Daley's official Twitter account," mystery tweeter posted Saturday.

The Twitter page could be another sign that Daley plans to run for reelection, or it could just be the latest in Chicago's social media outreach. In any case, Gaper's Block raised the best question of all:

"How long till he adds Foursquare and becomes "mayor" of City Hall?"

Follow the mayor here.