05/17/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chris Matthews Blasts Fox News: 'Absolutely No Debate, Just [Trashing]' Health Care (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews blasted Fox News Tuesday over its coverage of the health care reform bill (h/t Mediaite).

In discussing a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll with Chuck Todd, Matthews compared MSNBC and CNN to Fox News, which he said offers "absolutely no debate."

"If you listen to this network, there is a lot of debate on MSNBC about this health care bill," Matthews said. "Left vs. center-left, for it or against it, there are all points. Same with CNN. But there is another network, Fox, where there's absolutely no debate. It's just trashed every single thing. Has there ever been a bill in history before the congress where an entire network on television has blasted it every day for more than a year?"

Todd mostly dodged the question.

Obama takes his message to Fox News Wednesday night, in part because the White House views it as the "scene of the crime" on various lies and falsehoods about health care.


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