05/17/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

James Faulkner's Roadkill Hats: Student Turns Carcasses Into Headpieces

One aspiring fashion designer has certainly been thinking outside of the (hat) box, creating headpieces made from roadkill, the Telegraph UK reports. James Faulkner, a student at Edinburgh's Telford College, explained, "Essentially, I feel like I am turning something sad into something quite stylish, and I think it's good that the animal doesn't just rot on the road."

He began making hats from foxes, rabbits, pigeons, crows and mallards in May 2009 and even outfitted a friend with a dead magpie on her wedding day:

"I picked it up using a plastic bag and later used the wing feathers to make the hat. It sounds awful, but I cut off the wings with an axe. When I told her it was made of roadkill she was very shocked and said she had images of maggots falling off her head, but it went down a treat at the wedding."

Faulkner plans to present a collection of 36 animal hats in May.

He isn't the only one to make accessories from leftovers. Check out Reid Peppard of RP/Encore.