05/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Phoebe Russell: How A Six-Year-Old Girl Raised $20,000 For A Local Food Bank

The average American preschool doesn't focus on community service, but for San Francisco girl Phoebe Russell, a community service requirement at her preschool was exactly the encouragement she needed to make a huge difference for the hungry in her community.

At the age of five, Phoebe set her sights on raising $1,000 for a local food bank by collecting cans and redeeming them for cash. Now, a year later she is responsible for over $20,000 worth of contributions to the San Francisco Food Bank. But, how?

After reaching out to family and friends to help her and being featured on the internet, Phoebe's crusade gained momentum with almost $4,000 worth of donations last year. Today, Tyson Foods has joined Phoebe's mission, by donating 30,000 pounds of chicken to the San Francisco Food Bank. All told, Phoebe has helped raise approximately $20,000 in cash and food donations -- and she's not stopping there. The six-year-old plans to keep her project ongoing, continuing to supply San Francisco's hungry with nourishing meals.