05/23/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bart Stupak Wants 'Baby Killer' Shouter To Apologize On House Floor (VIDEO)

In an interview with CBS News on Tuesday, Rep. Bart Stupak called on Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas), the lawmaker who yelled "baby killer" while Stupak was addressing the House on Sunday night, to apologize to the entire chamber -- from the floor.

"Randy did call and apologize and he said it wasn't directed towards me personally," Stupak said. "Well if that's the case then it must have been directed toward the rest of the members of the House, and I would hope that Randy would just clear it up and...say 'look I didn't mean to offend anyone and if i did I apologize.' That's what he should do and that's what I would expect him to do."

On Monday, Rep. Neugebauer took responsibility for the outburst, suggesting that his shout -- "it's a baby killer" -- was a reference to the entire bill, not to Stupak in particular.

On Tuesday, however, Neugebauer appeared to use his "baby killer" comment to draw additional campaign funds from pro-life constituents. The Texas lawmaker has placed a response to Sunday's comments on his website, directly above a large "Donate Now" button.

In the video, Rep. Neugebauer attacked Sunday's health care vote as one that signaled the "government takeover of health care," as well as one that used "the lives of unborn children...as a bargaining chip to somehow get the needed votes to pass this legislation."

"I will continue to speak with the same passion that I spoke last night," Neugebauer said. "Maybe in a little bit different form, but still with the same intensity."

Watch Stupak's comments:

Watch Neugebauer's explanation: